Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship


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About Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship

A Virtual Event via Zoom

Transmitted in English, Spanish & Portuguese in March 24 & 25


This event was inspired by the 2021 International Women’s Day official theme: I Choose to Challenge. Women have faced gender bias in many aspects of their lives for years. However, there is no place for gender bias in the business arena. Women are tenacious, strategic business owners who simply seek to be treated with respect and dignity. When women own a business, they mean business.

Challenging Gender Bias in Entrepreneurship was chosen as the primary topic of discussion for this event. When women own a business, everyone moves one step closer to eliminating gender bias and inequality. Every time a woman owns a business, she is paving the way to inspire other women around the world to ignore traditional roles for women and create space for recognizing women in the global business arena.

Businesses owned and operated by women historically have had great impact on the communities they serve, regardless of the size, nature, or type business. By encouraging other women to open their own businesses, we empower women to understand that Women’s Businesses are Everyone‘s Business. This means that women are capable of leading any type of business that a community may need, and it is time to eliminate gender bias. Women Entrepreneurs hold the key to success to improving business relationships and raising the well-being of all women.

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Speaker sessions March 24, 10am (CST)

  • Opening & closing remarks by YLAI Alumni Board | Jennifer Schell – Chair | Abbigale Loncke – Events Committee
  • The value of your work | Kathryn Rose
  • Challenging gender bias in entrepreneurship | Adriana Aguilar
  • Courage, self-love and change | Erin Willet
  • The unwritten rules |            Mira Vasic
  • Networking, together we can do more | Ricardo Valencia

panel: Women´s entrepreneurship in Latin america & the Caribbean 

March 24, 12pm (CST)

In this conversation we will explore entrepreneurship from different perspectives like ecosystem, impact & investment, technology and socially responsible initiatives.


March 25, 10am (CST)

  • #IamRemarkable (Spanish) | Melissa Romero – Colombia
  • 50 ways to fight bias
(Spanish) | Sandra Menendez – Venezuela
(English) | Adriana Aguilar – Guatemala
(Portuguese) | Monique Lemos – Brasil
  • Shaping the future for all (English) | Colin Banning – Guatemala-USA

Featured Talks & Speakers

Adri Aguilar


Kathryn Rose

United States

Jennifer Schell


Erin Willet


Mira Vasic

The Netherlands

Ricardo Valencia


Abbigale Loncke


Panel: Women’s Entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean

Odile Cortes


Andrea Mazariegos


Cecile Ney


Tamara Isch


Daniela Ancira


Jackeline Salas


Evie Gurchuran


Ester Athanásio


Melissa Romero


Adri Aguilar


Colin Banning

Guatemala – United States

Sandra Mendez


Monique Lemos


Workshops in English, Spanish & Portuguese


  • #IamRemarkable
  • 50 ways to fight bias


  • 50 ways to fight bias
  • Shaping a future for all: Women’s leadership role in today’s business culture


  • 50 ways to fight bias

YLAI Alumni Board

From the First elected YLAI Alumni Board, we understand the importance of promoting diversity, equal opportunities and safe spaces where we can not only exchange ideas but join efforts in promoting equity, as representatives of a diverse community of talented leaders and Entrepreneurs, it is a pleasure for us to promote initiatives such as this event where we highlight the vital importance of all genders at decision-making table.

From the Board we will continue to promote initiatives that allow us to continue strengthening cooperation ties in our continent and join hands towards a better continent.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are good for businesses and communities! Join us as we navigate the world of DEI, intentional self-reflection, and forge pathways to allyships. We are better together—it’s time we do business with that truth at the core.

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